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Mushroom soup with wild rice

Delicious and fast soup with earthy flavor. Perfect for rainy days.

Asparagus and eggs

Spring is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with asparagus and eggs…..Simplicity at its best.

Why Not Bruschetta

Sunday in our family is a super chill out day….I am usually in the kitchen trying new flavor combinations and the kids are around hoping for new dessert recipes. This Sunday they were a bit disappointed since I tried combinations that are still not in their taste buds. Anyway.. do you remember Orange Fennel and …

Warm Caprese Salad with a twist

Juicy and succulent tomatoes. Strong, pungent and sweet aroma from basil. Instead of Mozzarella cheese try warm Paneer and discover a new take in the more classic Caprese Salad. Find detail recipe on Salads page.