Baked butternut squash filled with buckwheat risotto

Butternut squash is such a versatile vegetable. From this edible bowl shown above, to few of my favorite butternut squash gnocchi recipes under Pastas, Gnocchi and Co or again seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and then grilled to perfection like I enjoyed in Cape Town; endless possibilities to enjoy butternut squash.

This is our way to enjoy it with extra flavor from the buckwheat veggies and crunchiness from roasted chickpeas. How do I describe this dish? A packed flavorful edible bowl that makes everyone happy. How would you describe it? What is your favorite butternut squash recipe?

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Paratha filled with white radish or Mooli


Paratha filled with white radish or Mooli

How could you not fall in love with such an earthy dish? Days have been cold in Nairobi lately and this Paratha filled with white radish..also known as Mooli, is the perfect comfort meal. Easy to prepare and freeze super well, what more could you ask for?  Let us see how to make it with this easy almost step by step photos.

To make the dough you will need only 4 ingredients: whole-wheat flour, oil, salt and water. Knead ingredients together to form a firm dough that will rest for 1 hour.


In the mean time, grate radish, chopped coriander and slice chili. Mix ingredients together and add salt. Let it rest and squeeze excess liquid from the mixture.

Roll paratha into a round shape and add a good tablespoon of radish in the middle.

Gather the edges of the dough to enclose the filling.
Remove as much air as possible from inside than pinch to seal.

Use a rolling-pin to roll it out to about 1/2cm thick. This is my favorite part because it becomes a family rolling time affair and it usually turns the kitchen into a mess but the house filled with laugher.

Let’s cook it now. Place one paratha into the fry pan and cook the first side for 3-4 minutes or till golden brown.
Flip it to the other side and do the same.
Add oil or butter to finish.
Here it is, you perfect Mooli ready to be enjoyed with pickles and yoghurt.
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Torta delle rose, Rose cake

Torta delle rose, Rose cake
Torta delle rose, rose cake, is an Italian regional cake more specifically from Mantova. This cake consists of a well proof dough rich in butter and sugar rolled, sliced, arranged in a cake pan and after the last proof it looks like a beautiful bouquet of roses.
Little bit of history for this delicious cake. This cake was created by the chef of Isabella d’Este from Ferrara when she moved to Mantova to marry Francesco II Gonzaga in 1490 to celebrate the event.
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Mediterranean Salmon fillets

Mediterranean Salmon fillets
This easy to make Mediterranean salmon fillet is one of our family favorites. Deliciously soft melt in your mouth salmon with an extra kick given by anchovies, capers and sun-dried tomatoes make for the perfect family meal. I like to add a nice mixed green salad to make it extra tasty.
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Wet burritos

Wet burritos
What is a burritos? Burritos is a delicious food from Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine. Soft corn tortilla wrapped around meat, beans and whatever filling your heart desire. Top it with tomato sauce, cheese and bake it to perfection…..Serve it with guacamole. salsa and sour cream to be transported to Mexico in a nano second.
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How to make the perfect Buddha bowl


Here are some of my Buddha bowl and if you like what you see, than drop everything and follow me for more delicious Buddha bowl ideas.
  Baked vegetables and crispy Halloumi Buddha bowl
Super grain detox Buddha bowl salad
Warm buckwheat and prawns Buddha bowl

When I think of Buddha bowl I think of fresh product….visit your vegetable markets and your Buddha bowl will never be boring. 

Buddha bowl have been around for quite sometime, in Italian I will call it “Insalata Composta” but how do you prepare the perfect one? The one with the right amount of proteins, complex carbs, crunchiness, veggies and seeds.
I like to start my Buddha bowl with a base that it is usually mixed leaves salad and then for complex carbs I like to add buckwheat, barley or brown rice. For proteins I like to add boiled or poached eggs, chicken, or if I want something really lavish, I will add prawns. Crispy Paneer or Halloumi are also part of proteins for the perfect Buddha bowl and let’s not forget about lentils and beans in general. What is a Buddha bowl without veggies…so think of carrots, cucumbers, edamame, peas and the list is endless. Veggies can be baked as well like baby eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers etc…Find crunchiness by adding pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, pecans or walnuts.
I use a small scheme that I am sharing with you to make the best Buddha bowl ever and never grow bored of it.

    Perfect Buddha Bowl
Mix and match ingredients to your like. This is just a small list of ingredients for Buddha bowl, add the one that you like and enjoy  a fresh, healthy and quick meal. As you can see I didn’t mention any dressing the reason is very simple I like to dress my Buddha bowl with EVOO vinaigrette (EVOO, salt, pepper and apple cider vinegar) nothing more nothing less. So go for it and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling Buddha bowl.

Lemon capers red snapper fillet

    Lemon capers red snapper fillet


This easy recipe is perfect for a tasty meal under 30 minutes. Capers, lemon, anchovies and fresh fish make me think of Fishermen villages where life is lived in slow motion enjoying every single second of the day. You know this kind of villages where you lose yourself in little cobblestone street and savor local fresh fish everyday and all the worries in the world are gone. Utopia? No I think we need to slow down and will be able to find this little place everywhere we live. Hope you will enjoy this recipe.
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Chicken Cacciatora my way

   Chicken Cacciatora my way

Since I started menu planning my life has been so much easier and stress free, at least food wise. I wake in the morning and I know that most of my preps are done and the only thing left is to pack lunch for the kids and enjoy my day, focusing on what I enjoy the most. This is the perfect example for stress free meal. This dish is best when made in advance and the earthy flavor will pop in your mouth to make your taste buds dance. Enjoy it with baby roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes
You can find detail recipe under Meat page.

Red kidney beans burger

Red kidney beans burger

Do you like burgers? I do, but too much red meat is not really healthy. This is my  perfect vegetarian burger for when I crave the real one. You don’t need many ingredients to create this super yummy red kidney burger.

Ingredients are very basic one, red kidney beans, minced onion, an egg, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. I put in mine grated zucchini as well just to add extra veggies and keep it moist.

Mix all the ingredients together and form burgers

Fry burgers in little EVOO till golden brown.

Toast burger bun, top it with salad leaves, bean burger and good dollop of mashed avocado.

Red kidney beans burger

Serve with extra salad like in the picture or good old french fries.

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Potatoes and bell peppers Calabrese style

Potatoes and bell peppers Calabrese style

Let me quote one line from Wikipedia about Italian Cuisine:”Italian cuisine is generally characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only two to four main ingredients.”  Potatoes and bell peppers Calabrese style reflects this quote perfectly well….. combining few simple ingredients to produce an amazingly delicious tasty meal.  

Enjoy it as a side dish or as a meal on its own.

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