Verdure al cartoccio, tinfoil cornet vegetables


Vegetables, vegetables for some boring on their own but put them together bake them in the oven and magic will happen.  I have seen kids, not so in love with vegetables, asking for a second and a third helping of this and enjoying every single bit of it.

Verdure al cartoccio Baked vegetables How can you resist such a striking concoction of colors and flavors all in one dish.

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Potato Dumpling Panino

Finally, after few weeks of kids being not well and me busy with the dentist, everything seams back to normal; and what better way to celebrate than with this new dish?  Sofia and I love potato dumplings also known as gnocchi and Stefano and husband love panini, sandwiches. Eureka…….if you fill gnocchi and bake it in the oven you will get the best gnocchi panino of the Centuries, ok lets exaggerate its truly worth it. This recipe is lactose free and if you are vegan or vegetarian you can add your favorite vegetables. I make one with ham and lactose free cheese and a vegan one with peperonata Peperonata.

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Dry apricots filled with gorgonzola and walnuts


Sweet, salty, nutty and crunchy…..super combination for a quick snack to enjoy with a nice glass of Prosecco……

No need to write a recipe…. just mix together gorgonzola and mascarpone cheese add a pinch of pepper and fill apricots, finish with half walnut.

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Scallops wrapped in Alto Adige pancetta on lentils puree


Love the sweetness of scallops and saltiness and smokiness of Alto Adige pancetta, pair it with lentils puree and you have the perfect appetizer for a glamours evening.

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Steamed Vietnamese Springrolls


What not to love about Steamed Vietnamese Springrolls? This parcel of rice paper filled with carrots, bell peppers, ginger, garlic and succulent prawns wrapped to perfection and steamed for an amazing balance of flavor that will make your palate ask for more.
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Involtini di melanzane e zucchine


Easy, fast and delicious appetizer, perfect for any get together…..should we start thinking of what will have during the World Cup this summer? The best way to enjoy the matches will be with terrific appetizers that will not take the entire day to prepare.

Pears and chocolate cake

Pears and chocolate cake

What do you do when life gives you lemons?Lemonade…..What about when life gives you pears what do you do? Pears and  chocolate cake of course.

Pears and chocolate cake

Today I found amazing pears at the vegetable market and couldn’t resist making this cake for Sunday breakfast.
Kids already try a slice and agree that will be the perfect breakfast and best snack before bed time…..
The bitterness of cocoa and sweetness of pears is divine.
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Grissoni alle olive verdi Grissoni with green olives

Picture this….Friday rolls to an end and you and your girlfriends are ready to relax after a long weekend and which better way to do if not in front of this super yummy Grissoni alle olive verdi  rolled in your favorite cold cut accompanied with a super chilled Pirlo or a great Prosecco.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the beginning of an amazing week-end.

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Potatoes and Zucchini Rosti

I don’t know if you have days where you only want to lay on the sofa and…… watch a movie or just read a book……I had one of those days.  It was yesterday, dinner time rolled and I found myself lost…. that is how this recipe came to life..My kids do love potatoes and I decide to grate potatoes and zucchini for a fast and easy dinner. Few days back I found super yummy cherry tomatoes, red and orange, at the market and decide that the meal needed some extra color and flavor. So i added them to the dish with some basil. Hope you will try this dish and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

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Pomelo and Asparagus salad


Pomelo is the grapefruit for people that don’t like grapefruit….me.  The taste is not that bitter and goes well with the sweetness of asparagus and doesn’t overpower the delicate flavor of edamame, drizzle it with a super peanut butter dressing and the game is on.

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