Berries Pavlova


Pavlova brings back many memories of Addis Ababa with amazing friends, Zumba and great cooking classes.


Super Detox Salad


After all the food in the past few weeks I truly need something tasty healthy that helps me detox….this is one of the many detox salad that I like to prepare not only after Christmas but throughout the year with seasonal ingredients.

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Stuffed Zucchini and Eggplants with Red Quinoa and Amaranth.


Healthy Delicious Colorful ……help me find more words to describe this amazing super grain dish.

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Chocolate caramel raspberry tart.

DSC_1435 (1)

What not to like about this tart……the tartness of the raspberry sweetened by the caramel and the bitterness of the chocolate balance the most amazing tart ever.

Try it and leave your comment

Find full recipe on Dessert page

Moringa and Shallot Sambar


All my friends know how much I love spicy food and this amazing drumstick dish is one that I truly enjoy.

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Tiramisu truffles with nutella heart


Move away Nutellotti…. this is the new super gluttony truffle…….divine tiramisu cage with a soft nutella heart inside…….

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Fresh Herbs Baked Mussels

IMG_8158 (1)

I have a great memory of our family trip to Sicilia. My son was 5 and the only food that he had for the whole week were Mussels….should we say that he likes it????!!! I do…and you?


Gyoza my way


Gyoza….how many can you eat? Which one is your favorite? Pork, Vegetables, Prawns…endless choices……

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Stuffed Indian Eggplants with Sesame-Peanut Masala


My love for eggplants has no frontier… is one of my favorite Indian dish….

Don’t forget to let me know if you like the recipe.

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