Castagnole di Carnevale


Castagnole di Carnevale enjoy it plain, with ricotta and raisins, custard or chocolate…. whichever way are divine.

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Frittelle di riso con uva sultanina Rice and Sultan fritters


Here we are with another frittella that Italians eat during the most colorful time of the year. This rice and sultan frittelle are from Tuscany. I have make few changes since my daughter is allergic to milk but I can assure you the taste is the same as the original one.

Buon Carnevale.

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Panzanella Salad my way


What to do when the bread is few days old? Panzanella Salad all the way.


Red Snapper fish cakes


What happens when you have left over baked Red Snapper? You make Red Snapper cakes. Shred red snapper add grated zucchini, salt, pepper and egg.



Make patties out of it and fry or bake till golden brown.



Serve warm with a salad.

Perfect lunch box idea.

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Oven bake red snapper


Simple, healthy and fast meal for the whole family.

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Super grains crackers


2018 will be our healthy year so what better way to start than with this incredible tasty crackers that taste so yummy pared with guacamole or cashew nut cheese….

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Chickpeas crackers


What better way to enjoy a super tasty Guacamole or a spinach and artichoke dip than this guilty free chickpeas crackers.

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Chiacchere, Frappe or Lattughe


How to describe Lattughe……crispy, flaky, sweet, light as air……one is just not in enough.

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Lucia’s cookies


Cranberry, Dark Chocolate and Muscovado sugar… what a combination of flavor for the perfect cookie. A great friend pass me this recipe as a Christmas gift years ago and till today this cookies are still my kids favorite.


Frittelle di Mele


Ok its not the 27th of January yet….. but we couldn’t wait anymore for Frittelle di Mele.

Lets the Carnevale Extravaganza begin. Stay tune for more to come…

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