Butternut Squash gnocchi with lentils cream


No story to this plate just make it and enjoy……Hearty winter flavors.

Scented orange and coriander carrot soup


Are you a soup lover? Been trying to be more like my father that he has at least one soup a week, but it is not easy. The concept of having all this pieces of vegetables floating around is not my cup of tea. The other day I was in Zucchini, fab vegetable shop in Nairobi, and the carrots looked super fresh…. and an idea started in my mind.




Beginning of January I started following Teti from Teti’s Flakes, should go and check her blog absolutely fantastic. Anyway going back to the soup idea.. Teti has this Pumpkin and carrot soup with crispy pancetta and fried sage on her blog and I was thinking to make more or less the same. Then in Zucchini I found super fresh organic oranges and the aroma of coriander was all over the fresh herbs section and I had this epiphany what about combining this ingredients together.



And here are the ingredients for this unbelievable soup…carrots, fresh orange juice, orange skin, coriander and in the fridge I found lemon grass that brought out an incredible lemony scent.



I decided that I need it something crunchy  for the extra flavor… and here I present you my Scented orange and coriander carrot soup.

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Red Thai Vegetarian Curry


I have been asking myself why I love Thai food so much….I think the answer is very simple… is the complexity of flavor… but the simplicity of food is extraordinary. This is one of the many curry that I prepare at home.




Sometimes I call my curries ” The clean up fridge ”

The fact that I open the fridge and this vegetables are like…”its curry day” makes me happy.  This in the picture is a very basic one made out of Indian eggplants, baby corn, broccoli and peas snap. What I like about curries is that you cannot go wrong with the ingredients ( red/yellow or green curry paste, your choice of protein, coconut cream or milk and Thai basil or coriander)




The end result is a dish with many flavor salty, hot and sweet  all bursting in your mouth.

Hope you will try this amazing recipe….don’t forget to let me know what you think and if you like my blog press the follow button .

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Baba Ganoush


Brown is the new healthy color…. Baba Ganoush also known as the eggplant caviar is one of my favorite middle eastern mezze.  The other day I was missing middle eastern food pretty badly and decide to have a quick easy snack. Hope you will enjoy this recipe too.

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My kids love Guacamole and what better way to welcome them home after a long day in school than a bowl of it with their favorite crackers.

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Castagnole di Carnevale


Castagnole di Carnevale enjoy it plain, with ricotta and raisins, custard or chocolate…. whichever way are divine.

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Frittelle di riso con uva sultanina Rice and Sultan fritters


Here we are with another frittella that Italians eat during the most colorful time of the year. This rice and sultan frittelle are from Tuscany. I have make few changes since my daughter is allergic to milk but I can assure you the taste is the same as the original one.

Buon Carnevale.

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Panzanella Salad my way


What to do when the bread is few days old? Panzanella Salad all the way.


Red Snapper fish cakes


What happens when you have left over baked Red Snapper? You make Red Snapper cakes. Shred red snapper add grated zucchini, salt, pepper and egg.



Make patties out of it and fry or bake till golden brown.



Serve warm with a salad.

Perfect lunch box idea.

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Oven bake red snapper


Simple, healthy and fast meal for the whole family.

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