Believe it or not, the month of February is almost over, and we are in the middle of Carnevale. Check out my Carnevale page for finger licking delicious  frittelle, lattughe and more, to enjoy the most colourful time of the year……. ……and… Read More

Apple Strudel

          Let’s start with a bit of history about this pastry. Apple Strudel or Apfelstrudel, is a famous Viennese strudel, a popular pastry in Austria and in many parts of Europe that once belonged to the Austro Hungarian… Read More

Seafood Padellata or Padellata di Mare

   I don’t think this amazingly delicious Seafood Padellata needs any kind of introduction…. Find detail recipe under Fish & Seafood page.  

Torta delle rose, Rose cake

Torta delle rose, rose cake, is an Italian regional cake more specifically from Mantova. This cake consists of a well proof dough rich in butter and sugar rolled, sliced, arranged in a cake pan and after the last proof it looks like… Read More

Chicken Cacciatora my way

Since I started menu planning my life has been so much easier and stress free, at least food wise. I wake in the morning and I know that most of my preps are done and the only thing left is to pack… Read More

Potatoes and bell peppers Calabrese style

Let me quote one line from Wikipedia about Italian Cuisine:”Italian cuisine is generally characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only two to four main ingredients.”  Potatoes and bell peppers Calabrese style reflects this quote perfectly well….. combining few simple ingredients… Read More

Bolognese sauce

What are the main ingredients for the perfect Bolognese sauce or Ragu alla Bolognese? Ground meat ( Beef or veal and sometimes pork),the classic soffritto (brounise of celery, carrots and onions), tomato paste and wine. In my recipe I use minced beef… Read More

Canestrelli cookies

Canestrelli are deliciously buttery soft melt in your mouth cookies. A little bit of history of Canestrelli; this cookie is originally from Liguria in Italy and has the shape of the Daisy flower. Canestrelli were already famous during Medieval time, people use… Read More


Does world-renowned Fiorentina need an introduction? I don’t think so. This are  just few info for the best steak that you can make at home even without a bbq grill. Make sure that the meat is at room temperature. Don’t salt meat before… Read More