World Nutella Day(5th February)

World Nutella day is just 2 days away and here are few delicious way to enjoy Nutella. What is more satisfying than “Pane e Nutella” or “Bread and Nutella”? According to my son only crepes with Nutella. …..but my daughter declared that… Read More

Vegan chocolate cake with strawberry frosting

     School will be over in a week and to celebrate I made this vegan chocolate  cake with strawberry frosting. This is a truly scrumptious cake and you will not even realize that is fully vegan. Since Sofia is allergic to… Read More

Chocolate ganache cake

  Chocolate is a passion so Chocoholic of the world come together to enjoy this Chocolate ganache cake with raspberries and chocolate truffles. Layers of divine chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and garnished with chocolate truffles and to make it even… Read More