Dairy free scones

Ingredients for 8 pieces
  1. 130ml dairy free milk of your choice
  2. 60gr plain dairy free yogurt
  3. 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  4. 360gr white flour
  5. 01 tablespoon baking powder
  6. 100gr cold dairy free butter chopped in small cubes
  7. 50gr white sugar
  8.  Egg wash to brush on scones
  9. 01egg yolk
  10. 01 tablespoon dairy free milk
Preheat oven to 190C.
In a bowl whisk together milk, yogurt, vanilla and keep aside.
In a large bowl sieve together flour and baking powder.
Add butter and sugar to the flour mix.
Work the butter into the mix till the mix resemble sand.
Add liquid ingredients to the dry ones.
Turn dough onto a lightly flour surface and bring it together quickly.
Roll dough out into a 4cm thick square.
With a round cutter make 8 pieces.
Transfer scones on a oven tray with baking paper and brush with the egg wash.
Bake for 15 minutes or till golden brown.
Serve with your favourite topping.



Lemon poppy seeds crepes

Lemon poppy seeds crepes with strawberry jam

Ingredients 12 crepes
04nos eggs
80gr sugar
100gr flour
60ml almond milk or regular one
01nos lemon zest
01tbsp poppy seeds
Strawberry jam
Non stick spray
To garnish
02tbsp icing sugar
Sliced strawberries 1/2 teaspoon water
Pinch salt
In a bowl bit eggs with sugar till fluffy.
Add flour, almond milk, lemon zest, poppy seeds and salt.
Mix from bottom to top till all ingredients are incorporated.
Heat a 16cm saute pan and grease it with non stick spray.
Pour few tablespoons of batter and spread it around the pan.
Cook for few minutes on each side.
Spread a tablespoon of strawberry jam in each crepes and roll it.
In a bowl mix icing sugar with water, drizzle on crepes and garnish with strawberries slices.

French toast with berries drizzled with honey

Ingredients for 8 french toast
08nos sliced bread toast kind
02nos eggs
80gr sugar
200ml lactose free milk/ almond milk
01nos teaspoon vanilla essence
10gr margarine or coconut oil
Icing sugar to dust
Few teaspoons of honey
100gr mix berries
In a bowl bit eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla.
Melt margarine or coconut oil in a no stick frying pan.
Dip each slice of bread in eggs mix and put it in the frying pan.
Fry each side till golden brown.
When ready stack them up, add berries, drizzled with honey and icing sugar.

Watermelon pizza

Ingredients for 4pax

01nos watermelon wheel (4cm thick)
100gr raspberries washed and dried
130gr strawberries washed, dried and sliced in 1/4
80gr grapes washed and dried
01 mango peeled and sliced
50ml dairy free cream
01tbsp sugar
01 teaspoon lime juice
Combine fruits in a bowl, add sugar and lime juice.
Keep it aside.
Whip cream.
Spread whipped cream on top of watermelon.
Arrange fruits on top and serve.




Papaya bowls with berries

Ingredients for 4pax
02 medium size papaya cut horizontally
200gr mixed berries (raspberry, strawberry)
80gr  watermelon cut in small cubes
60gr grapes
Clean papaya from seeds.
In a bowl mix fruits together.
Divide fruits in papaya
Have a fantastic breakfast.
Spinach and peas crustless quiche

Spinach and peas crustless quiche

Ingredients for 12 pieces

06nos eggs
100gr spinach
100gr green peas
50ml almond milk or regular one
05ml evo oil
Salt & pepper
Carrots sticks
Cucumber sticks
Heat evo in a non stick pan.
Add spinach and peas.
Season with salt and pepper.
Saute for 5-8 minutes.
Season with salt and pepper.
Cool it down.
Bit eggs.
Add spinach, peas and milk.
Adjust seasoning.
Grease cupcake tray.
Dived the batter in each cavity.
Bake at 180C for 15-18 minutes or till fully cooked.
Serve with carrots, cucumber stick and handful of raspberries.
Tomato side up toast

Tomato side up toast

Ingredients for 4pax

04nos wholewheat toast bread
02nos small tomatoes
04nos eggs
01 teaspoon of evo oil for each egg
Salt & pepper
08nos small slices halloumi cheese
Cucumber sticks
Evo oil to drizzle
Toast bread.
Slice tomato and keep it aside.
Fry your eggs to your liking.
Put toast on each plate.
Top each one with 1 egg.
Top each egg with few slices of tomatoes.
Serve with pan fried halloumi and cucumber sticks.

Nutella filled balls

Ingredients 25 balls

04nos eggs
100gr sugar
180gr flour
01 teaspoon vanilla essence
01 teaspoon baking powder
100ml almond milk or regular milk
100gr dairy free chocolate spread
Pinch salt
01 tbsp oil
Icing sugar to sprinkle
In a bowl bit eggs, sugar and vanilla.
Sieve flour, baking powder, milk and pinch of salt together.
Fold flour mix to the eggs till fully incorporated.
Heat aebleskiver pan on medium high and grease with oil each cavity.
Pour 01 tablespoon batter into each cavity.
Top it with 1/2 teaspoon of nutella and cover it with 1/2 tablespoon of pancake mix.
Cook 1 or 2 minutes till batter start to pull away from the sides.
Using a tooth pick flip each pancake and keep cooking for few more minutes.
When ready sprinkle with icing sugar or drizzle with maple syrup .
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