Basics pastry

Crepes recipe

Ingredients for 12 crepes
04nos eggs
80gr sugar
100gr flour
60ml almond milk or regular one
In a bowl bit eggs with sugar till fluffy.
Add flour and almond milk.
Mix from bottom to top till all ingredients are incorporated.
Heat a 16cm saute pan and grease it with non stick spray, or a teaspoon of butter.
Pour few tablespoons of batter and spread it around the pan.
Cook for few minutes on each side.

Sponge  cake

Ingredients for 26cm

300gr white flour
300gr sugar
9 eggs
01nos teaspoon baking powder

Beat the eggs and sugar with an eletric mixer for 10 minutes
Sieve the flour and the baking powder  and slowly add to the eggs and sugar mix.
Spread some butter on cake mould and pour the batter.
Put in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 180C to make sure that the sponge is ready use the toothpick technique, stick the toothpick in the sponge if comes out dry the sponge is ready.


Berries Coulis


150gr strawberry cut in quarters
200gr raspberry
100gr bluberry
150ml water
60gr sugar
1tbsp lemon
Put in a pan berries, sugar and lemon.
Bring it to a boil.
Cook it for 5 minutes.
Add water and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Let it cool down blend and pass it trough a sieve or keep it chunky.


Saffron and cardamom custard

500ml full fat milk
100gr sugar
04nos egg yolks
70gr flour
03gr cardamom powder
Few strands of saffron
01nos lemon zest only yellow part
Beat yolks with half sugar till fluffy.
Add flour and mix together.
Pour milk in a pan add lemon zest, other half of sugar, cardamom and saffron.
Warm the milk remove lemon zest and add to the egg mix.
Bring it back to the heat and stir till start to boil.
Boil for 5-8 minutes.
Let it cool down and enjoy on cakes, danish or as a filling for bigne.

Creme Anglaise

Ingredients for 4 portions

500ml milk
04nos egg yolks
100gr sugar
In a bowl beat egg yolks and sugar together till fluffy.
Bring milk to simmer point ( milk should not boil, it will scramble your eggs).
Add eggs mixture to milk and keep stirring till mixture coat the spoon.
The creme is ready when it coats the spoon.



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