Trio of appetizers

  Trio of appetizers
Here it is another super fast and easy to prepare crowd-pleaser for this World Cup that is getting super interesting. Last week a school friend of my husband was in town with family and we had them for dinner.  What would you prepare for a great Chef that works for one of the most iconic hotels in India? Let me be honest… I freaked out.  I know I am a trained chef too but this is different… At that point I realized the stress of my mother cooking for my husband also trained chef although he hung the white jacket long time ago. Any way, lets cut the story short… the evening was a great success and when I brought to the table the Trio of appetizers “The Chef” took pictures and was quite impressed.
All this story is to tell you…..impress your friends with this amazing Trio of appetizers.
Find detail recipe under Appetizers page.
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6 Comments on “Trio of appetizers”

  1. I’m so glad your party went well! I used to get intimidated when chefs came for dinner too. Not so much anymore! This trio of appetizers looks wonderful!

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