Deep fried Okra

Deep fried Okra
Okra is one of this vegetables that took me time to appreciate and like. The first time I went to India I didn’t really like it because of is sliminess, but magic happen when my mother in law started frying some spices and then sliced okra went inside and caramelized so well that I fell in love with the taste of this vegetable.  Today I wanted to deep fry okra and decide for a chickpeas batter and the result was incredible. Super crispy coated okra that even my son enjoyed it.
Here are few tips to buy the freshest okra.
1 Bright green color.
2 If you bend the tip of okra it should snap.
3 To the touch should be firm.
4 No brown spots on the pods
Hope you will enjoy okra here is a link to another of my okra recipe.
Find this recipe under Snacks page.

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