How to make fresh ravioli

Do you think is difficult to make homemade ravioli? I do not think so… here what you need, a pasta machine, flour and eggs nothing more nothing less. Would you like to try?

Then follow this step by step pictures and you will end up with the best ravioli you ever made. The ingredients are: 400gr white flour, 04nos whole eggs. As you see for every 100gr of flour you will need an egg. Let’s start….

Make a well with flour and add eggs.

Start working the eggs by adding flour and when flour is fully incorporate start to work the dough with both hands.

Keep kneading the dough for 10 minutes, excellent arm workout, when ready should look smooth and firm. Let the dough rest (well covered) for 30 minutes in the fridge before using.

Let the fun begin. Most pasta machine numbers go from 01 been the thickest to 6 or 7 to the thinnest. Start by dividing the dough in half, keep the other half wrap till you need it, press the dough with your hands to a 1/2cm thick. Sprinkle some flour on the rolls of pasta machine and let’s start passing the dough trough it. After you pass the pasta sheet the first time fold pasta in half and pass it again on number 01. Do this 2-3 times.

Pasta will start to stretch. Pass pasta sheet on each number 2 times, don’t fold it in half anymore, till you get the thickness that you need. For my ravioli I like to stop at number 5 and a pull the pasta 4 times to the same number. I like to feel the bite when I eat fresh homemade pasta and realized that number 5 it’s perfect for my taste.

Here is the really long pasta sheet that you will have when done.

With the help of a cup make rounds.

What you see here is simple plain Pesto sauce, will have more complex filling coming soon. Wet with water the edge of the ravioli. Fold in half and press to seal.

Take your half ravioli and bring together the two corners and press.

This is how it should look like.

Finish to make your ravioli.

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