Artichokes, orange and red radish salad

Check the recipe for this super colorful salad. Go to Salads section and enjoy it.


Does world-renowned Fiorentina need an introduction? I don’t think so. This are  just few info for the best steak that you can make at home even without a bbq grill.

Make sure that the meat is at room temperature.
Don’t salt meat before cooking, it will make it dry.

The grill pan must be super hot and that means smoking hot.

Grill meat for to 2-3 minutes on both sides.

Coat meat with EVO, fresh herbs and pepper on both side. Finish cooking it on very high temperature oven. Should not be baked for more than 20 minutes.

Before cutting the meat let it rest for few minutes.
Sprinkle with salt before serving it.
I add on mine some thinly sliced garlic for extra flavor.
And now you have no more excuses not to make Fiorentina at home without the bbq grill.
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Amaretti make me go back in time when I was a kid and my grandma from Sardegna will bake this cookies. I can still picture her in the kitchen and my grandfather busy in a smaller room next to the kitchen, that will open to the garden, cracking almonds for amaretti. Grandma will collect the almonds, dry them in the oven for few minutes and then ground them.

By the time the almonds were ready she will great lemon zest and beat egg whites to stiff peaks. Then the magic will begin, she will combine sugar, almonds and lemon zest and then she will start slowly adding the egg whites.

At that point my grandfather will have sliced in half other almonds to put on top of the amaretti before baking.

My grandma will say that the mixture should be a thick paste but still sticky and if by any chance you will be able to find real bitter almond than you will be able to make the perfect Amaretti.

Baking was done at medium high temperature to give the time to the amaretti to expand and crack a bit on top…I still remember the aroma of almonds lingering in the house. The end result was just amazingly good.  As you see Amaretti is a work of magic and love.

Hope you will try and make Amaretti.
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Spring salad with asparagus,smoked salmon and quail egg.


We are back in Nairobi and I finally found the time to upload all the pictures from Italy of our family Easter lunch. This salad was the perfect opening for a great Easter meal. Spring was definitely not in the air in Brescia during our stay, rain was our companion almost every day….but Easter day was a glorious sunny day.  This colorful salad worked perfectly well with the tulips to make the table look like a garden.  Kids had their fun as well by painting eggs and entertaining  grandparents.

If you want to try this recipe you will find it under Salads.

Saute artichokes and potatoes


Which is your favorite variety of artichoke? My favorite is the Spinoso Sardo or Ingauno or Spined, the ones in the picture. Then you have Verde Palermo, Catanese,  Niscemese,  Romanesco, Violetta di Chioggia those are only few of the Italian varieties, there are so many more on the market. My father is from Sardegna, where they grow the spined variety. I started eating artichokes at a really young age and my love for this vegetable/flower never stopped. I love artichokes simply sliced topped with orange wedges and radish as a light salad, in the picture above,  just raw enjoying every bit for every leaves till you get to the heart and the sweetness of it will capture you.  You can as well simply boil it or like in the recipe pair with potatoes, an easy and fast side dish that can turn in a vegetarian meal. Earthy flavor of Sardegna and if you cannot get to the original tough luck,……just joking…….enjoy it with the many varieties that I mention above.

Check the recipe under Vegetarian.


Dairy free saffron and peas spaghetti

What is your favorite pasta shape? In our house is spaghetti after liking  penne, conchiglie, tortiglioni, gnocchetti sardi, tagliatelle, pappardelle and the list could go on and on and on….. I think the kids are truly enjoying spaghetti because they can showcase the proper way to eat them without using a spoon….they said that it is an art to eat spaghetti…

This recipe was a last minute quick dinner idea. Kids were hungry and didn’t want to wait for daddy to come home from office. I bought fresh peas few days back and steamed them to add in salads. Little one would eat peas everyday lately and what better way to enjoy it than with dairy free cream saffron and their favorite pasta? And this is how this recipe came to life.

Paris here we come…Spring break 2018

Paris here we come

Spring break if finally here… Paris will be our first destination…Perfect first stop to celebrate our 15th Anniversary and then Italy to enjoy family and friends.

Get ready for great new recipes from Italy and plenty of yummy pictures from Paris.

Carrot Orange mini cakes


If you are looking for a soft, airy buttery carrot cake….find another recipe:):):)….. I have been experimenting with different flours lately and this cake is the epitome of all trials and errors….Those mini cakes are rich in fibers and loaded with Vitamin A and CIMG_7880

I really enjoy finding healthier solutions to satisfy our sweet tooth and all this orange makes me happy…


As you can see I was not the only busy person in the family….my little one decide that she had to help me to make it perfect and my boy decide that the best way to help me was watching rugby and keep us update with the scores…


Look at this, ready to be baked……my little one did a really good job.


Top it with peanut better and peanuts… I have a secret to tell you I tried one with Nutella instead of peanut butter and OMG divine….

Find detail recipe under Desserts

Ratatouille on buckwheat


Ratatouille, not the amazing cartoon, but this delicious meal full of earthy flavor.

Kids and I have been watching or better saying rewatching Ratatouille lately and decided  to make ratatouille, but hubby needs more than vegetables on his plate and buckwheat is one of our favorite grain at the moment.


Buckwheat has this nutty taste that goes really well with beefsteak tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and potatoes.  Look at this colorful and healthy meal all in one baking dish…. not so much to wash at the end….miss my dishwasher….


Add your favorite fresh herb, mine is thyme, slice few cloves of garlic and bake it.


I finish my ratatouille with few tablespoons of breadcrumbs…and its ready.

Find detail recipe under Vegetarian

Heavenly Nutella cookies

Do you know what are we getting ready to bake? Heavenly Nutella cookies

What to say, Nutella is good with everything and in anything. I am not a huge fan but my kids do love it and my husband will not say no to a Nutella cookie if you offer it to him. I made this months ago before knowing that Sofia was allergic to dairy products. Now we just use a dairy free hazelnut spread and results are really good, if you think that this is the only proof that Nutella cookies were ever baked in our place.

Those cookies are super easy and pretty fast to make as well. I think I should call it the 6 ingredients recipe.

Here it is Haven on a plate. According to my kids the best way to eat Nutella cookies is putting ice cream, lactose free…mommy make a batch of it, between two cookies, I think we should listen to my 2 super smart kids.

Find detail recipe under Desserts.



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